Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

Silicone Cold Shrink tubing which provides an insulating tube over cable terminals, splices and connectors.


Silicone Cold Shrink tube is a pre-stretched sleeve of insulating silicone which is intended for protection and insulation of electrical and telecommunications terminals. It is provided on a spiral carrier (called a supporting core) which can be collapsed once the tube is positioned over the desired connection. Common uses for Silicone Cold shrink tubing applications are protection of Coaxial connectors (eg. DIN 7/16 connectors) once field-installed.
The advantage of Silicone cold-shrink tubing is that it can be field installed without any tools, heat, or specialist equipment and once installed it is very robust and long lasting. Exatrum’s Silicone Cold Shrink tubing has been tested to Australia’s tough conditions for trustworthy installation on permanent and industrial applications.


  • Telecommunications
  • Mining industry
  • Utility, Power Distribution
  • Direct Burial & Submersible
  • Corrosion Protection

Inside Diameter Range: 8mm to 115mm. Shrink Rate approx. 2:1


Sealing class IP67 (SGS Certified)

Direct Burial and submersible – ANSI C119.1

Made from Silicone, supplied pre-stretched on a plastic removable carrier

Primary Electrical Insulation up to 1kV



  • Tool-less installation
  • Eliminates need for dangerous open flame and heat sources
  • Seals water tight, retains resilience & pressure even after years of exposure
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, ozone, UV


Available Sizes – Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

Part No. Nominal stretched size * Shrink range (mm) Length
ECSS-042-6 42 mm 11.9 – 34 mm 150 mm
ECSS-042-12 42 mm 11.9 – 34 mm 300 mm
ECSS-050-6 50 mm 18 – 45 mm 150 mm
ECSS-050-12 50 mm 18 – 45 mm 300 mm
ECSS-068-6 68 mm 22 – 63 mm 150 mm
ECSS-068-12 68 mm 22 – 63 mm 300 mm
Other Sizes available on request
* Stretched size is I.D. of supporting core


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